The Boss, Day Tour Guide,
Anywhere else I am needed


Skilled at: building on dreams

Fluent in: English, German

Loves to: experience new thrills

Afraid of: discipline
Favorite wine: rigorously red!
Pets: chickens for eggs
Favorite City: Barcelona


Hi, my name is Milo, I was born in northern Italy, but moved away with my mother as a toddler and spent some years in Germany before moving to England where I completed my studies.

When I arrived to Tuscany I immediately found myself in the laid back and friendly life that the Tuscans enjoy. Here I learned to respect and appreciate the little things in life which are so often marginalized in modern society, but that make up so much of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

I have been working in tourism for many years (practically always). Thanks in part to my years abroad and personal love for travel, I believe that I have developed a sense for what is truly important for the visitor to Tuscany: an authentic experience in touch with the locals, the magical and amazing Tuscany and a splash of great food and wine.


I have an outgoing and humorous personality and love to learn and interact with clients.


I no longer do day trips, I host the Tuscan Escape Vacation
and am often found at the Tuscan Wine School.