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Passionate local Professionals


Villa wine tastings, cooking courses, painting sessions


Meal catering, live music bands, group planning

Enrich your Tuscan stay by having a local, passionate professional visit your villa to share their expertise. Engage in a guided wine tasting of local wines, try your hand at painting a watercolor of the surrounding landscape or learn to make a complete Tuscan meal with a fun and hands-on cooking class. Our services can cater to your Villa food, beverage and entertainment requirements if planning a special evening or event and we can assist you with transport and activities when planning a larger group stay.


Villa Cooking Class

Have fun with your friends and family making fresh pasta and preparing a delicious meal in the company of a local. Learn about the Tuscan cuisine, the Italian love for seasonal, fresh and simple dishes and bring back memorable recipes to impress. The class is held in the kitchen of your Villa and can be organized for either lunch or dinner, with a duration of about 3-4 hours.

  • Learn to make a full Tuscan meal

  • Engage in a hands-on cooking class using fresh produce

  • Bring home recipes to remember and impress friends

Villa Wine Tasting

Have a wine professional bring a variety of local and tasty wines for a guided tasting that illustrates their qualities. Learn more about some of the production methods and characteristics of Tuscany’s famous wines. The tasting can be held anywhere within your villa and includes a tasting of typical local cheeses and cold cuts. The duration of the tasting is about 2-3 hours and will include 6 different local wines that you may also repurchase and/or ship home.

  • Learn about 6 local Tuscan wines

  • Engage in a fun and informative guided wine tasting paired with local bites

  • Repurchase your favorite wines to enjoy at the villa or back home


Villa Painting Class

Enjoy an informal painting class held by a local artist. Try your hand at watercolor painting and have fun depicting Tuscany’s magical nature and charming architecture. The class can be held at your villa or surrounding countryside and the artist will bring all the equipment necessary and provide useful tips and local stories.

  • Learn to make a watercolor painting

  • Engage in the fun activity of depicting Tuscany

  • Bring home the picture of a memorable experience

Villa Catering and Events

Hire a professional chef to prepare a mouth watering meal for you and your group. S/he will bring all the necessary ingredients and special equipments and prepare a full, four-course Italian meal in the kitchen of your Villa for lunch or dinner. The supplementary service of the meal, a selection of local wines and after meal clean up can also be included, as can entertainment such as a live music band.

  • Enjoy a fresh, full course meal or Pizza
    prepared at your Villa

  • Have a local chef cater to your special
    evening or event

  • Include additional assistance, local wine
    selection or live music entertainment

  • Large Groups
    (accommodation, transfers, reservations) 
    We can lend our support for many of the myriad options and considerations of group travel, from accommodation to transfers, logistics and entertainments.

  • Vacation Planning
    Receive our planning support to accommodate your group in a Tuscan villa, to arrange transfer services or hire buses, to plan events or team building activities. With a broad range of services, your group can indulge in local sight-seeing experiences or in house food and wine activities.

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