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The Company

Our Philosophy

For us, traveling is not only visiting a new place. What matters most is the journey itself and what it gifts us, the emotions we feel and the memories we bring back. Going on holiday is not just choosing a destination and a hotel. It is about stretching your horizons, meeting the foreign, the stranger, the new and witnessing the passions, flavors and traditions of the place you visit. We welcome you to Tuscany where we live and work to provide you your very own Tuscan Escape.

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The Company

We are based in the old town of Siena, in the medieval district of the Panther, just next to their fountain.  The place is called the Tuscan Wine School, a historic location, famous for short, crash classes on Tuscan Wines.

Tuscan Escapes Online is also not new on the scene. Established in 2010, we have since been operating daily tours out of Siena, visiting wineries and farms we like to call family, and enjoying the many wonders, beautiful landscapes and hill towns that surround us.
We really do feel blessed for the opportunity you give us to have fun in beautiful Tuscany with newly made friends, everyday...
It's a tough job we have ;-)

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