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Siena and Florence City Guide, Day Tour Guide, Hiking Guide


Skilled at: Making you feel at ease

Fluent in: English, German

Loves to: dance tango
Afraid of: tight spaces
Favorite City: San Francisco
Hobby: travel, meet new cultures, play chess!


Hello Everyone, Silvia here! I have been living and touring people around Tuscany for many years now, but I’m originally from Calabria in the south of Italy. I was born in the mountains and only moved to Siena to study at University where I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature (English and German).
It was love at first sight with this city, the quiet yet friendly people of the area and its beautiful artistic heritage and breathtaking landscapes made me decide to stay after my studies. I deepened my interests and studies of the area and obtained qualifications as an authorized City guide of Siena and Florence and I am also a Nature Excursionist.
I love Tuscany’s nature and all creative expression and I am so happy to raise my two girls in this enriching environment.

I am a relaxed and open-minded person, I have a mother's patience and I love touring through the beautiful Tuscan hills when I not traveling myself, to see new places and be to enriched by meeting new cultures.

Personal Itinerary

Trekking Francigena & San Gimignano



Guided walking tour
of the main sites in
San Gimignano


Trekking in the countryside around San Gimignano


Picnic lunch out
in the open or local farm lunch

This tour itinerary combines the unique, fascinating medieval city center of San Gimignano with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, both UNESCO protected world heritage sites.
We will take many steps back in history among the cobble stone streets in town as well as dirt roads in the countryside, in the shade of San Gimignano’s medieval architecture to marvel at tower houses and fortresses and along secondary routes lined with cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves.
Hear about the rise, fall and revival of the ancient pilgrim’s route, the Via Francigena, with its history and connection to the trading and crafts within the city walls and the agricultural activity in its surroundings.
These expressions of timeless values and beauty are the backdrop not just to the guided city tour and countryside trekking, but also to a picnic lunch out in the open air, or a wholesome lunch at a local farm.


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