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Siena City Guide, Day Tour Guide, Hiking Guide


Skilled at: Storytelling

Fluent in: English, French

Loves to: Eat and socialize
Favorite wine: Tuscan reds and Prosecco
Favorite City: Rome
Hobby: Playing the Violin


Hi, I'm Elena and I was born in Tuscany. I like to say that I’m a Tuscan DOCG, just like our delicious wines. I spent my early years near Florence and graduated here. I have always been fascinated by Siena, its quietness and the clean air of Chianti hills, so eventually I decided to moved here, some time ago now...

I am an authorized Siena City Guide and Tour Leader. I’m also a good cook and food is one of my passions: there’s lot of culture and tradition behind a local dish! I studied foreign languages, history and art, communication is my priority. I always find a way to make myself understood! I like talking to people and sharing experiences and stories with them, I think this is something that makes people richer.


During the tours I do my best to make you feel at home, relaxed and amused. I try to tell fun and interesting stories, legends and historical facts that characterize Tuscany and Italy.

Personal Itinerary

Scenic Chianti and Berardenga Tour



Tour the Berardenga Area of the Chianti with stops
in scenic sites


Wholesome lunch on a farm in the with selection of
traditional wines


Tour of the Chianti towns of Villa a Sesta and San Gusmè

Let me drive and guide you through the area where I chose to live. The Berardenga area has always been an important boundary territory: it used to be the border among the provinces of Siena, Arezzo and Florence in the past and now  it is the southernmost land where Chianti Classico DOCG wine can be produced. It is characterized by lots of legends and interesting historical facts, which you will listen to while sipping a glass of delicious Chianti Classico wine and walking in a dream landscape.

In the morning we take a very pleasant walk in nature and see beautiful spots, a Monastery and a Villa and share wonderful stories with the owners of the places. After a short and scenic drive, we will stop for lunch at a small winery restaurant where typical food is served with a pairing of local Chianti wine.

After lunch we will stop for coffee and take a walk in the picturesque villages of Villa a Sesta and San Gusmé, where you will learn about historical rivalries and battles as well as modern traditions.

The tour will end with a stop in the beautiful area around Arceno winery, where we can take a stroll and some wonderful pictures of cypress trees and scenic views, or enjoy another wine tasting here (optional).

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