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Siena City Guide, Excursionist Guide


Skilled at: hiking and biking

Fluent in: English

Loves to: reach summits and people ahead 

Favorite wine: Cabernet Franc

Afraid of: the sky falling
Pets: I love everyone else's pets
Favorite City: Turin
Hobby: laughing (always a serious matter!)

Hi I'm Domenico. I was born and raised in the thick mists of Piedmont, in northern Italy. Later in life, I fell in love with the Chianti countryside and the medieval city of Siena and decided to relocate there to study a degree in Archaeology. Throughout my years at University I worked in Tourism in the area and took some time to spend a year studying abroad in Bradford, England. I went on to obtain qualifications for becoming an authorized City Guide and Nature Excursionist on my return to Siena.

I am sociable and fun and enjoy, above all else, to be outdoors doing active stuff on hikes and on my mountain bike.

Personal Itinerary - 4 hours

Half-day Bike Tour
out of Siena



3 hour bike ride on comfortable, easy-to-use assisted E-bikes


Explore secondary roads among Chianti’s vineyards, olive groves and forests


Experience one of the world’s most famous cycling areas and enjoy a prized drink at the end!

Meet me and some other fellow travelers for this small group bike tour at the Siena Train station at 9:00am. Before heading off, familiarize yourself with the E-Bikes and equipment. These bikes make biking in Tuscany, one of the world’s most famous cycling areas, accessible to all! Easily set the difficulty of your ride and decide whether you would like the bike to do most of the work, or do the workout yourself. The silent electric motor allows you to enjoy the smells, sounds and tranquility of the Tuscan countryside.


During the 3 hour ride we will cover about 30km, cross neat rows of vineyards, pretty olive groves, shaded forests, and sleepy villages greeted here and there by modern art installations along the road that add a touch of quirky modernity to an otherwise very traditional Chianti landscape. Throughout the morning, stop frequently to take in the views, breathe the fresh Chianti air and stretch your legs. We get back on the bikes and return to the Siena hospitality structure where you will be welcomed by a last drink to celebrate the active morning among some of the best landscapes that Tuscany has to offer.

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