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Day Tour Guide, Driver

Skilled at: navigating traffic

Fluent in: English, Spanish

Loves to: Travel

Afraid of: cold weather

Favorite wine: Brunello of course!
Favorite Hill Town: San Gimignano
Hobby: current affairs and space


Ciao! My name is Davide and I moved to Siena from Rome at the age of 14, where I sometimes return to visit family. In Siena I was able to immediately feel at home. Although I love the chaos of Rome, nothing beats Tuscany with its wonderful landscapes, its towns and small villages, where there are always new dishes, wines, traditions, works of art and aspects of the culture to be discovered. I love to travel, explore new places and keep up with the latest news, so much so that I even follow the news about space! I worked in hospitality and then joined Tuscan Escapes, where I found a friendly and professional environment with wonderful guests that allow me to speak English and Spanish. I am always available to go an extra mile for guests as I know how important travel memories become, I am always nice and polite. I also love to be driving, whether on the windy roads of Tuscany or in the traffic of Rome, so guests always feel at ease with me behind the wheels.

I am interested in people and good at listening. I have an easy going personality and I love touring people through the Tuscan hills, together with the love for sights and the places themselves.

Personal Itinerary

Transfer Tour between Siena and Pisa
via Volterra and San Gimignano

Volterra etruscan arch.jpg


Visit the city of Volterra
to see the many sites
that span the Ages


Leisure time for lunch or wholesome meal on
local farm


Walk the streets of San Gimignano and admire the unique tower-houses

Travel between Siena and Pisa or the Port of Livorno with en-route stops at the enchanting cities of Volterra and San Gimignano. The landscape along the route is so varied and Volterra has everything to offer: a famous Etruscan city that preserves parks, gates, arches, theatres and buildings from then, from the Roman period and from throughout the Middle Ages as well. The alabaster workmanship is the knowledge and skill that has been handed down through those generations.


You can opt for a little more leisure time to enjoy the local cuisine (free lunch) or travel with me towards a family-run farm near san Gimignano, to enjoy lunch there. Farm meals are authentic and typical, a way to see and taste what Italians eat at home. The other town to visit is the UNESCO protected San Gimignano, among much softer hills covered in vineyards but with an austere city center, narrow cobblestone streets and tower-houses, like traveling back in time.


Volterra and San Gimignano are perfect towns for stretching your legs and exploring memorable sights en-route to your destination.

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