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Day Tour Guide, Sommelier, Wine Instructor


Skilled at: talking wine

Fluent in: English

Loves to: travel, spend time with family
Favorite wine: I hope never to find it
as this is the best way to keep tasting them

Pets: Large dogs
Hobby: horse riding


Ciao! My name is Daniele, I was born in Ostuni which is a wonderful city near the sea in Puglia, Italy’s heel.
I was raised in Siena as a member of the contrada della Giraffa, just like my son and daughter today.
In school I took an interest in the natural world and studied agriculture, taking a special interest in alternative farming philosophies. I trained as a wine maker and researched Sangiovese, working at some of the most important wineries in the region. Acquiring experience in the world of wine for more than 20 years, learning from the elder, most experienced workers in the wineries and from working the land with my own hands has helped me to understand the different techniques and approaches to wine production. I wanted to share this culture, because drinking wine with this knowledge becomes a drinking of culture!


I have an outgoing personality and share my passion and knowledge of Tuscany’s wines and other products with anybody who is curious to understand a little more about these fascinating subjects.

Personal Itinerary

Sangiovese Tour between
Brunello and Chianti



Visit Montalcino and
a small, family-owned Brunello winery


In depth tour of the
vineyard and cellars with guided wine tasting and lunch


Guided tour and tasting at a historic Chianti winery

This itinerary is for red wine lovers in general, and in particular for those who are interested in tasting some pure Sangiovese from different terroirs in the Siena area. In the morning we will travel south to the Montalcino hill, to visit this most important center of Tuscan wine production. The five year old Brunello wine is really what put Tuscany on the world wine map, but other great wines are made here.

I will walk you through the vineyards so that you understand the life cycle of the plants before taking you into the cellars where the vinification and aging processes happen, hundreds of factors and decisions that are behind every wine. We will enjoy a tasting of the wines with the winery owners over an informal lunch of typical local dishes that pair well with the wines.

In the afternoon, we will drive to the Chianti to discover how the same Sangiovese is made into entirely different wines here, where different characteristics in the soil, methods of production and people produce a different culture. We will learn from the older and newer generations, from tradition and innovation, from the small wineries where making wine is not a business but a family legacy. In these wineries, every wine is like a member of the family with its character and story, like a personality and life!

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