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Siena City Guide, Hiking Guide


Skilled at: Siena's traditions

Fluent in: English, Spanish

Loves to: paint with watercolors 
Pets: dogs

Afraid offlying
Favorite wine: Vinsanto dessert wine

Favorite City: Rome
Hobby: theater


Hello everyone, I am Claudia, I was born in Siena and grew up within its medieval walls, with the city center and its narrow alleys as my playground. My parents, and my grandparents before them, had a restaurant near the main square, Piazza del Campo, and my brother and I were always there among delicious traditional dishes and traveler's stories. Later I majored in Communications and I even lived abroad for a brief period, but then I came back, moved to the hilly Sienese countryside, and, after a year of studying, got my license as a Siena city guide. Since then I lead tours with people from all around the world, I believe in responsible tourism and I see myself as a storyteller more than a tour guide, therefore I work with small groups at a slow pace, no rush with plenty of time to observe details.

I am passionate about ancient myths, saints' stories, and local history. I also love walking in the countryside and discovering new hidden places.

Personal Itinerary

Saint Catherine of Siena Tour



Visit San Domenico church, the chapel of St Catherine with the relic of her
Holy Head



See St Catherine’s family home and sanctuary and the Oca or Goose district where she lived and is worshipped


Her story through Renaissance and Purist frescoes that depict moments of her life and work

Saint Catherine of Siena is the Patron of Europe and well known around the world, with many chapels, churches and schools dedicated to her. She was born and mostly lived in Siena in the 1300s, a time when women had very few options besides a domestic life. Catherine, however, played a very significant political role, influencing the return of the Papacy from France to Rome in 1377, during the Great Schism. She was a determined and courageous woman, a mystic and theologian who led a spiritual life dedicated to others, becoming a mother to many devoted followers. On this tour we will discover her fascinating story throughout a walking tour of Siena to visit the main sites of her life and work in Siena, including the church build by the Dominican order, custodians of her chapel and relic, her Sanctuary, bedroom and family kitchen in the city district where she lived and where she is worshipped still. 

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