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Siena and Florence City Guide, Hiking Guide, Day Tour Guide


Skilled at: funny storytelling

Fluent in: English

Loves: Italian traditions, food and wine
Favorite wine: red wines from Piedmont
Afraid of: life without freedom
Favorite City: Siena
Hobby: pilates, painting, reading and food!


Ciao! My name is Ambra and I was born in Milan, the fast-paced economic capital of Italy, but my family came from Siena. In Milan I studied Art and Tourism while navigating the general chaos of the city but then at age 24 I moved to Siena to discover my roots. I became an active member of the Onda or Wave contrada, one of the 17 districts or neighborhoods of Siena. My love for the history of Siena and its Palio horserace, the laid-back pace and wonderful foods and wines, not to mention the stunning landscapes, drove me to continue my studies. Now I am an authorized City Guide for both Siena and Florence as well as a Nature Excursionist.

I have a cheerful personality and I love walking, trekking and driving people around Tuscany, guiding them with my love and passion for all things Tuscan.

Personal Itinerary

Basilica dell'Osservanza
History and Nature Tour



Discover a different perspective on Siena’s history


Nature itinerary outside of Siena's city walls to discover Tuscany’s typical flora


Visit a Renaissance jewel before enjoying a lunch of typical Tuscan products

Siena is an enchanting Tuscan city that saw the apex of its glory during the 13th and 14th Centuries, a period referred to as the Middle Ages where the Gothic, architectural style is characterized by bricks, bells and towers! When we talk about the 16th Century and the Renaissance, we tend to associate it with the city of Florence, no doubt the cradle of this rebirth of artistic values and new style.


Not everyone knows that Siena also played a fundamental role during this period, significantly contributing to the artistic fervor and landscape of the time. We will step away from the usual and familiar Siena to enjoy a 7km itinerary on foot through the immediate countryside on the outskirts of the city center and visit the Basilica dell’Osservanza, a Franciscan church that is a symbol of the Sienese Renaissance, to discover an unusually extraordinary side of the city of the Palio!

We will also enjoy a lunch of typical Tuscan products before returning to the city center.

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