Historical medieval hill towns, fascinating ancient cities and populations proud of their traditions, breath-taking landscapes “sculpted” over the centuries with vineyards, cypress trees, dense forests and old medieval fortresses and of course world famous wine regions abundant with small welcoming wineries producing some of the best reds one can find. Last but not least a rich and flavourful cuisine.

Among the ever contended hills between Siena and Florence, known as the area of the Black Rooster, we find the worldwide famous Chianti wine production area, full of impressive Castles that over centuries have struggled to keep their original aspect. What is fascinating about these castles is the thousand-year relationships with this land and the Chianti wine productions some of them are worldwide known for. The Castello di Brolio, for instance, dominates the southern Chianti Classico countryside. The castle has always been under the influence of Florence and used as one of its strategical outposts. Because of this, the castle was besieged and destroyed many times over the centuries. Every time it has been reconstructed following the style of the current age. It suffered its last attack during World War II, as could be noticed by the holes left by shrapnel all over the facade. It is here that the Baron Bettino Ricasoli, an essential player and pioneer in developing the Italian wine making sector, first created the recipe for what had to become the wine for the region, the great red Chianti wine. He determined the right mix of three different grape varieties in different quantities; his recipe was used up until 1967 to produce Chianti Classico DOC.

Anyone planning to get married in Tuscany would never let his guests leaving the wedding party without a proper taste of the different nectars of this marvelous land. Tuscany is one of the major destinations, not only in Italy but also all over the world, for wine lovers. The region is divided in different production areas. Production methods vary from the more traditional conventional farming to the more recent integrated and organic/biodynamic farming. Each production area is characterized by its own different landascape, mostly represented by forests in the Chianti region, also known as “Chiantishire” in the UK because of the British love affair with its wines. Woods are replaced by open hills in the southern part of the region where you would find the famous hill town of Montalcino and the Brunello production area, a wine internationally recognized as one of the best Italian red wines, a real collectors’ favorite. Hills leave space to wide valleys in the Montepulciano area. The town, architectural expression of both the medieval Siena and the renaissance Florence, is located on a steep hill overlooking the amazing views of the Tuscany - Umbria border and its red wine was the first Tuscan red to be awarded the D.O.C.G. status.

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