Find suitable venues able to accommodate your Conference. Tuscany offers some of the most beautiful structures and gardens for entertaining groups. Large private cloisters in religious and historical buildings, Medieval castles rich with history, welcoming and pretty farms and wineries and Villas with charming and well maintained gardens are but some of the many venues available to those who wish to organize an event in Tuscany.

Receive logistical en-site assistance with planning transportation for your group, large or small as it may be. Hire quality catering services and enjoy the rich flavours of the Tuscan cuisine, savour some of the best wines we find in the area and receive admirable service from the staff. Know that the people you will be working with are reliable and professional, we will mediate to make sure that all the conference needs and desires are met and that your event runs smoothly and Tuscany’s charm is best valorized.

Tuscan Folklore event

Have fun in Tuscany’s past and organize an agricultural theme lunch or dinner for your friends, family or group.

Imagine a scene from a movie of the ‘20s, a beautifully set table of fresh and local products surrounded in stunning scenery, locals dressed in traditional clothes, busy about preparing a feast for the guest arriving from farm away lands. See and take part in the preparation of a meal and get to know the local traditions and food.

Sit down to enjoy the freshly prepared feast helped along with generous portions of the local farmers wine and the company of your hosts entertaining you with traditional folk songs played on the accordion, mandolin and other instruments. Enjoy Italian hospitality and fill up on the areas fabulous food and wine on this memorable experience.


Assess teams as they take part in group activities, work with us to elaborate settings and activities that form bonds and stimulate creative thought and problem solving. Evaluate team progress while having fun with Tuscany’s rich history and unspoiled settings away from modernity.

Explore lush nature on hikes discovering hidden monuments and cross scenic routes on bike rides through medieval hamlets and picturesque farmland. Hunt treasures in the areas sites and monuments learning about the history and solving problems. Play with the local food and culture, preparing meals and conserving food, foraging for seasonal products and farming the land.

  • On location assistance and advice
  • Help finding Venues
  • Obtain best quotes from local providers