Accommodation Booking


It is not always easy to know if the accommodation you picked is close to sites and good restaurants, whether it is quiet and clean, or if there is AC or even if it needs it.

As for staying on farms, villas and wine estates, it can be useful to know if they have a restaurant and if it is any good, if it is easy to get around to see the sights or if you are completely off the beaten track.

Here is an example of the different accommodations that Tuscany offers and the highlights and difficulties that they can offer:

City Centre hotels and B&B:

UPS: These are characteristic hotels in the historical centres of town. They are the best for getting a feel for the city and are usually in pedestrian only areas and walking distance from the main sites and restaurants of town.
DOWNS: They never have swimming pools as they are converted historical buildings, often they also do not have lifts and they can get quite expensive, even the low star ones, in the hight of the tourist season.

Peripheral hotels:

UPS: These are situated just outside the city centres, usually offer easy to access parking and are close to public transportation. Prices are usually more contained than in the central hotels and some are still at reasonable walking distance from the centre.
DOWNS: They are usually modern buildings, often lacking charm, and although seemingly positioned practically can result in being quite the opposite as it is often become difficult and costly to park to access the city centre and hazardous should you accidentally venture into the limited traffic zones of the labyrinthine historical centres.

Countyside resorts and B&B:

UPS: Best for enjoying some relaxation and quiet away from the crowds. They are usually positioned in picturesque nature and often include comfortable amenities such as swimming pools, bike rental and occasionally restaurants and SPA’s.
DOWNS: They can be quite isolated and it may become costly or difficult to move around. They are sometimes self catered which means you will need to provide for your own meals.

Villas and Agriturismo’s

UPS: Agriturismo (Farm Stays) and Villas are ideal for families and groups that prefer a more independent vacation. You can enjoy the privacy of the apartment or house and feel as though you are staying at your own home in Tuscany, almost all have pools for the kids (and adults) to enjoy and many also offer tastings and meals.
DOWNS: The vast majority of Villas and farms only offer week long stays beginning on Saturdays. It is strongly recommended that you hire transportation as they are often isolated and self catered, so you will need to provide for all your own meals (Sometimes services and meals are provided or can be requested as an extra).

We suggest you take into account the ups and downs of each of the accommodation needs before deciding to book your stay. You don’t want to be missing out on anything that Tuscany has to offer, contact us and we will help you find a way to get the most out of your stay!

  • Get on location advice on what the area offers
  • Know all of the possibilities available
  • Find accommodations to suit your desires
  • Set a budget range for accommodation