Services for Groups


Villa Stays:
There are many things one needs to take into account when travelling in groups. For instance, If you wish to rent a private villa, you will find that the minimum stay for most villas is 1 week and it must begin and end on a Saturday. So flights and programs should be planned accordingly. Most villas are in isolated areas, and rarely include meal catering, you will need to do your own shopping, etc. When staying in Villas it is recommended you hire own vehicles or incorporate the necessary stops into your tours and activities.
Bus Rental:
There can be many extra costs for groups of more 9 persons as the maximum capacity of vans is 8 passengers and these are the only vehicles allowed free of charge into the historical centres of town. If you are using a bus to get to your hotel and it is centrally located. The bus can only stop in allocated check points which often have an extra fee. You will need to either use taxis or walk to your accommodation with luggage, to check in to your hotel (multiple vans could be a more practical solution for transfers with luggage).

Catering and Events:
There are many things one can add to their experience in Tuscany. For instance there are several entertainment options for groups staying in villas, from dinners with a personal chef and wine and cheese tastings guided by a local sommelier, to full catered events with professional service and various entertainment options for small or large groups, as well as many outdoor activities ranging from treks and bike rides to painting classes and other workshops.

Tours and Transfers:
Tuscany of course is as much about exploring the small hill-towns, farms and wineries as it is about the main cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca. The area offers an abundance of famous wine regions such as the Chianti and Brunello wine. All have many beautiful and hospitable tucked away wineries, producing excellent and hard to find “boutique wines” which are not open to the general public and hard to find. Characteristic hill-towns and villages full of history and charm and fascinating churches and castles steeped in history and full of curious anecdotes. A guided tour is always recommended at some point during your vacation as it opens windows on a more authentic visit to Tuscany and helps appreciate not only the beauty of the area but also the culture of the locals, the food and wine and the fascinating and rich history.
Why waste an entire day of travel between destinations in stations and trains, whizzing past all of the important sights along the way when for almost the same price your group can enjoy a relaxed day of exploring the areas between destinations. Italy is such a wealth of beauty, and every corner of the “boot” offers beautiful art and Unesco sights, delicious food and diverse wines, spectacular landscapes and quieter towns, away from the crowds. Make the most of your time in Italy, and enjoy travel between destinations with a Transfer tour. Make your arrival to Italy as stress-free as possible, you are arriving to a new country and have probably crossed many time zones to get here. Enjoy hassle free transportation with your driver coming to pick your group up from airport arrivals and transfer you directly to your hotel with private vehicle. You can relax and then begin to comfortably explore the area without having to “run the gauntlet of Italian public transportation”.

Planning Support:
There are always so many things to think about when organizing group travel, from the logistics of transportation needs to trying to cater to everyone’s needs and desires. Who better to help in this process, than a local to the area you are visiting that can provide you with all the different possibilities for things to do and help you manage the various requests from the group, and provide practical tips for getting around, avoiding the traps and regulations of driving in the area and what the best easiest or most economic ways of getting around and enjoying your stay in Tuscany.