Tuscan Wine School

This March, 2019 we opened our new wine school on Via di Stalloreggi, Siena (

It is a treasure trove of the most beautiful Tuscan wines selected from the top producers and the best estates that we also visit on our tours. To find us, you must find the roaring panther. He

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The Market in Piazza

In early December this year, Siena’s Piazza del Campo saw the 10th edition of “il Mercato nel Campo”, a market of local culinary delights and hand-made crafts to celebrate the upcoming festivities. The city’s civic square was decorated with 150 stalls throughout the week end with products arranged

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A Medieval Pilgrim trail

Middle Ages was characterized by the explosion of several routes heading to three main directions: Rome, to visit the grave of the apostle Peter, named by Jesus the men’s fisher e fonder of the Catholic Church; the Holy land with Jerusalem, sacred pace also for the other two big monotheistic religions,

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Areas of central Tuscany

The province of Siena, nominated as the most beautiful region of the world by Unesco, is a mix of many diverse terrains and landscapes craftily embelished by the local farmers. The area is scatterred with marvelous medieval architecture, testemony of Siena's rich heritage.

The Chianti area of the

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The Palio of Siena

In the Palio the various Sienese "contrade", or areas in which the city is divided, challenge each other in a passionate horse race in the heart of the city in the Piazza del Campo. Originally, there were about fifty-nine "Contrade"; now only seventeen remain, ten of which take part in the historical …

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Sagras and Festivals

On the 16th and 17th of April. In the small medieval hamlet of Chiusure. The 'Sagra del Carciofo' honours the artichoke. Which, at the moment is at its seasonal peak... In Italy a ‘Sagra’ is a celebration of food, usually a particular food. You will be able to try the freshest authentic artichoke …

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Micat in Vertice

89th season of "Chamber concerts" at the Chigiana Academy, famous for its great music festivals.
Since 1923 it has been organizing a series concerts titled Winter Micat in Vertice, named after the motto of the Chigi family.
The Music Week has the virtue of having proposed the rediscovery of the music …

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