San Galgano Tour

Myths and Legends of Tuscany
Per person 70


Depart from Siena and head south in the less known and historically rich area of the Val di Merse. Learn off your guide about the many legends and medieval myths that shroud the area, such as the sad and romantic story of Pia dei Tolomei mentioned in Dante’s book and the myth of Galgano Guidotti and his sword in the rock.Along our route we will occasionally see towering over the forests of the area, imposing medieval castles and towers that once stood guard to one of the most important medieval routes, the Via Massetana, this was the main route road to the coast and the Silver mines of the Colline Metallifere from Siena. The Castle of Spannocchia and the tower of Montarrenti ,which stand one in front of the other, guard the descent to the Merse Valley, and the Castle of Frosini dominated a particularly favorable hilltop on this road, The Frosini castle from XIII century was also home to an important Hospital that provided aid and restoration to Pilgrims andwas garrisoned by the mysterious order of the Templars.During the tour we will have the opportunity of enjoying a pleasant walk following in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims in a quaint medieval village that has remained unchanged over the centuries. Here we enjoy a small tasting of local products with a glass of local wine overlooking the views of the area.After our first relaxing stop, we continue to the beautiful Cistercian gothic abbey of San Galgano, a truly special place that exhumes mysteries of days long past. The abbey was built in the 1218 in a place rich with water and along an important route, the Strada Maremmana .Today the abbey of San Galgano is without its roof, with only the sky as its ceiling and grass as its floor, this gives it a special feel and a magical atmosphere. The monks that once lived here, became known as excellent builders, administrators and accountants, and where the first charged with beginning work on Siena spectacular Duomo Cathedral. They were infact so able at what they did, that they quickly rose to become an economic power for the region and later the most powerful Cistercian foundation in Tuscany.After having visited the old abbey we walk up the hill though vineyards and woods for about 800 meters and arrive to the hermitage of Montesiepi built in the 1185. This is where the local Saint Galgano retired after leaving the worldly life and It is here that he is buried next to the miracle of his Sword in the Stone, one of the most fascinating and mysterious relics of the entire region. This marvel will bring to mind the famous legend of King Arthur and Excalibur, which, despite the differences, might be linked with the history of the Tuscan saint. In this hermitage you can also view some beautiful fresco’s of the famous Sienese painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti.This is a tour for everyone, for those who love to enjoy Tuscany’s varied nature, its amazing art, the history and its ancient legends. A tour for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Visit off the beaten path sights
  • enjoy a leisurely walk in the countryside
  • see the sword in the stone
  • guided visit to San Galgano

      Tour details

      • Duration: 4.0 hours
      • Start time: 8:30am


      Wednesday 8:30am to 12:30pm